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Task Forces of the National Debate
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The Action Plan has to be supported at various levels. At the academic/ research/ debate level, there are tasks which need to be carried out by India_Policy. The following Task Forces have been formed after discussion among the organizers. If you are interested in part time work toward achievement of the objectives of the different Task Forces, please let Sanjeev or Utkarsh know. If you have suggestions for other Task Forces, please put forth the suggestions in the Discussion List.

  1. Debate Summary creation Task Force

    The objective here is to create summaries of the debates on various topics, so that subscribers and outside 'spectators' can get a good idea of the issues raised so far, by reading these summaries.

      Head: Karthik

  2. How To Organize Debates Task Force

    The method of how debates are to be organized in the field, i.e., in Colleges and Universities, i.e., the entire package, comprsing letters, time frame, topics, summarization of the debates, etc., need to be examined in detail. This Task Force will look into that.

      Head: Puneet
      Members: Balaji

  3. Letters Writing Task Force

    Letters need to be drafted to academicians, MPs, governments, etc., etc., asking them to participate in these debates. This Task Force will coordinate the task of writing letters.

      Coordinator: Utkarsh
      Members: Sanjeev

  4. Flyer Writing Task Force

    A Task Force is needed to write brief flyers for propagation of the basic ideas of the Manifesto. The flyers, once finalized, need to be converted into the various National langauges and placed in PDF format on the web.

  5. IndiaPolicy Institute creation Task Force It would perhaps be necessary to register a legal entity, a non-profit society, called India_Policy Institute, which would promote various activities, including training people to debate in favor of the Manifesto. The Institute would primarily have a virtual existence, i.e., it would not need a physical office for most of its work.

      Coordinator: Sanjeev

  6. Task Force on Governance: While recognizing that there has to be grass-roots governance, the principles of federalism, individual freedom and human rights need to be enunciated clearly in a cohernt document. The Declaration of Independence, drafted by Jefferson, for example, was slashed and cut drastically in size before being adopted. There is an unbelievably huge material on this topic which needs to be slashed into a bare two pages of solid points. That is the job of this Task Force:

      Coordinator: Kush
      Members: Utkarsh [local governance]
Other task forces that can come up:
  • IT policy
  • Shipping and ports
  • Health
  • Voluntarism and social capital building
  • Education
  • Press
  • Providing justice to the people

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