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The Long Term Vision
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We shall apply democratic methods and proven scientific and economic research to achieve these goals:


1.Wealth: To make India the most prosperous nation in the world. In the process we shall completely banish (not merely alleviate) poverty from the face of India. In particular, the vision is to triple the per capita income of Indians within 10 years from the moment these policies are implemented.

2.Knowledge: To make Indians capable of contributing to human learning to such an extent that we win the most Nobel Prizes among any nation in the world.

3.Physical power: To make Indians strong and fast, to make them capable of winning the top position in the Olympics and in every other sport and human endeavour.

Quality of life and democracy

4. Human rights: To provide each individual with political, social, and cultural rights indispensable for his/her dignity and the free development of his/her personality.

5. Consensus: To work toward a society where the best policies are chosen through debate, and a consensus built around them.

6. Governance: To provide the highest quality of governance to the people, and the best democratic practices.

Let us make India a nation that we all wish to serve. These six things will ensure that India will be the Best Place to Be on This Beautiful, Blue Planet.

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Thought for the Day

   Watch out World!!
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      Go, India!!

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