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Re: Citizen = ...?

---Sanjeev Sabhlok <sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu> wrote:
> Charu: your self-declared superiority comes out
clearly even here (it
> came out earlier in your claim that the common
people like us have been
> supporting the 'inferior' products of MS - perhaps
because we are
> dunces?). If the citizen's allocation of his/her
time and resources is
> not that citizen's business, then whose business is

Sanjeev, I have a question for you.
Capitalism is not a perfect system. Sometimes
corporations get too big (purely by legal means, no
complaints there) and therefore there is no scope
for competition. When this happens, mediocrity sets
in defeating one of the purposes of capitalism -
innovation in this case. This is what has happened
in the case of Microsoft. The system MUST provide
a defence against mediocrity ruling the system.
Please do not assume that capitalism is PERFECT.
There are flaws which should be corrected.
Charu's example of MS seems appropriate to me except
that he decided to paint them as Satans.
MS did well, brought the OS to the common user and
then they grew too big. Full credit to them for being
world leaders but at the same time we cannot ignore
the fact that they produce mediocre products and
get away with it. MS has reached a stage where the
system would benefit if it was broken up than if they
stayed as one company. Do you agree or do you think
that capitalism IS perfect that we need no controls?


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