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Re: Sports

IMO sports  is one of the areas where we learn to COMPETE based on
measures, irrespective of our personal limitations (height, weight, age
etc) - The short guy strives to run faster, the thin one learn to punch

Promoting intense competition in every field should therefore  be the
strongest reason for including it in the manifesto.

The second important  derivative of a successful sports policy is
patriotism/national unity. Every time India trounces another country in
cricket,  I feel proud to be an Indian (despite the fact that I do not
cricket) . Perhaps, success in sports is a good alternative to   nuclear

bombs for creating national pride and unity!

Finally,  physical fitness is directly correlated to productivity ( I'll

leave it to someone else to link this to some official studies) .  If we

need to compete in a global market can we afford to have productivity
levels of less than 50% of Singapore and America  ?

In countries like USA, sports and tourism have grown to be massive
industries and create a significant number of jobs for their countrymen.
let us not forget about the economic gains that we derive from sports
before writing it of as laughing stock.

Perhaps, merely mentioning  reaping Olympic gold medals as our objective


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