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Re: Anyone near Pune? Re: Renewal of Political Process

Hi Sanjeev:

I had also written to Prof. Seth and forwarded the conference schedule to 3 BDP members in Pune. I hope one of them will contact Mr. Seth. But this will give a POC for us to co-ordinate our activities in Pune/Bombay.



Hi folks,
>Through another member of this list (Puneet) I had got in touch with
>Bharat Seth of IIT Bombay. He is organizing a Confernece on the Renewal of
>the Political Process in Pune this Sunday (17th). His mail is below.
>If any of you know of anyone who might be interested in participating in
>this conference, please forward this to them. If any of you live near
>Pune, please do get in touch with Dr. Seth and get him and others of his
>group (who are all connected to the internet, I presume) to consider
>taking part in our task, which is nothing but a written version of the
>debate he is organizing. 
>He has of course promised to check out our web site... I hope we don't
>disappoint him, and that we can join hands together in the debate/s. 
>On Tue, 12 May 1998, Bharat Seth wrote:
>> Dear Sanjeev,
>> Thanks for the information regarding your efforts in this direction. I
>> hope someone from your group will be close enough to come to the
>> Conference in Pune. I will check out the web site after the Conference and
>> get in touch with you.
>> Yours,
>> Bharat
>From root Fri May  8 00:37:40 1998
>Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 10:58:01 +0530 (IST)
>From: Bharat Seth <seth@me.iitb.ernet.in>
>To: South Asia Discussion Group Pritam K Rohila <pritamr@open.org>,
>        IITK Net <iitknet@CS.Stanford.EDU>
>Cc: Pradip <pradip@pune.tcs.co.in>, lokawaz@del2.vsnl.net.in
>Subject: All India Conference on Political Reform
>Message-Id: <Pine.OSF.3.96.980508104523.97C-100000@agni.me.iitb.ernet.in>
>Committee for People's Empowerment is organising a one-day conference in
>Pune on May 17, 1998. I am including, below the signature area, a letter
>from the Convener of CPE announcing the Conference and its significance to
>the present situatation in India.
>Being concerned about affairs in India, I hope you will support this
>endeavour whole-heartedly. Please forward this mail to others who
>may be interested.
>Also, please consider participating and sending generous donations to make
>this conference a resounding success. Your cheques can be written out to
>"Committee for People's Empowerment" and sent directly to the organising
>committee at the Pune address. No amount is too little or too much. 
>Bharat Seth
>*| Dr. B. Seth                            Indian Institute of Technology  |*
>*| Convener, Systems and Controls         Powai, Bombay 400 076, India    |*
>*| Professor of Mechanical Engineering    Phone: (022) 576 7504           |*
>*| Email : seth@me.iitb.ernet.in          Fax  : (022) 579 6875           |*
>           All-India Conference on Political Reform
>  Sant Gyaneshwar Hall, Main Building, Pune University, Pune 411 007
>           Sunday, May 17, 1998, 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM
>Dear Friend,
>	After fifty years of independence, the majority of Indian
>people are powerless. The toilers in the factories and tillers of
>the soil have no control over the conditions of their lives. The
>small shopkeepers and craftsmen, the teachers, lawyers, doctors,
>nurses, cultural workers and other professionals have no say in the
>decisions that influence the course of development. Entire peoples
>in various regions of the country continue to charge the Indian Union
>with national and colonial oppression. Power continues to reside in
>the hands of a privileged minority. 
>	Ever since the division and criminalisation of the Indian
>polity reached unbearable dimensions with the destruction of the
>Babri Masjid, the Committee for People's Empowerment has been calling
>for a thorough-going review and renewal of Indian democracy, of the
>political institutions and the theory on which they are based. Now,
>in this penultimate year of the twentieth century, the Prime Minister
>of India has admitted in Parliament that it is necessary to review
>and reform the political system, including the Constitution of India.
>But the question arises - who should carry out this review? And who
>should set the agenda? 
>	The Committee for People's Empowerment firmly believes that
>the debate on political reform must not be confined to the privileged
>members of Parliament or to any other elite group. The agenda must
>not be set behind closed doors. The debate must be broadened to
>include all those in Indian society who currently have no say and who
>feel the absence of power in their hands. It must be deepened to
>address the fundamental questions of Indian political theory and
>political institutions for the empowerment of the Indian people. The
>people must be enabled to participate in setting the agenda for
>political reforms.
>	Towards the aim of broadening and deepening the debate, the
>Committee for People's Empowerment is organising an All-India
>Conference on Political Reform. Do you feel the absence of power in
>your hands and angry at the abuse of power by those who control it?
>If yes, then you should think seriously of participating in this
>conference. Are you interested in reforms that would expand the
>space for the broad masses of the electorate like you and me? And
>restrict the space for the privileged elite who currently occupy the
>centre stage and abuse their privilege? Then you should definitely
>be in Pune on the date of the conference. For more information about
>the conference, please contact the Organising Committee at the Pune
>address given below. Would you like to be part of an organised
>all-India effort to bring about fundamental changes in the political
>system? If yes, then please write to the CPE head office in New
>Delhi at the address shown below.
>With warm regards,
>					Sincerely yours,
>					(signed)
>					Prakash Rao, Convenor, CPE
>					for the organising committee
>Head Office 				All-India Conference
>Committee for People's Empowerment	 on Political Reform
>No. 17, Qutab View Apts.		Dr. Pradip / Trupti
>Katwaria Sarai, New Delhi 100 016	M-11, Yashoshri Apt.
>(011) 685 0645				Maruti Gaikwad Nagar, Aundh, Pune
>					(0212) 385 449
>----- End of forwarded message from Bharat Seth -----

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