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We are all fed up!
[One of India Policy's contributors, SaiRam Sathya Kumar, stated this on the 23rd September, 1998. While this does not represent the work being done on IPI in its entirity, it does reflect the kind of frustration that is raging in India today. It is this frustration that needs to be resolved through serious discussion and policy forumlation.] (see

There is no new employment possible except playing Dacoit / Policemen :
or Army Cannon fodder, even Govt. employment is a Joke. 

Statistics apart ( generated by IAS ) I fear 75% of Revenue collected
goes to keep the Brown Sahaeb and his Political big-time senior pilferers

56% of any thing made in India goes into Govt revenue, as direct /
indirect taxes / Interest / and bribes. 

Very little goes back to development.  If it does then there is a hole at
the bottom, through which what is put is taken out and deployed Swiss &
Cayman Island accounts, or invested in those investments supervised by
some Political chiefs of small states. 

Putting up a halogen street light yields Rs 4,000 + to those who put it
up !  Illuminating, The Drain below it that it lightens remains as it is,
only pedestrian can now see where he is heading ! 

We are stupid copy cats who sit and hug any thing handed over to us by
the departing British, we are never original thinkers, nor we seem to
know what is good for us. Even if the idea is dead we hug it like a child
as we know of nothing better ! 

The society is so contorted and the Heathcote Parkinson's law so widely
operative, that an Indian tyurns self-Luminous only outside India. 

...let then the Govt., sit on its haunches and collect monies, be happy
doing things the department like to best,

Plum-Posting -bribes
Recruitment -bribe,
Disciplinary-action bribe,
Bill pass bribe,
Nil action on file bribe,
Action on  file-bribe,
Land & Building-Bribes,
Certificate issue-bribe,
Show cause memo-bribe,
No Objection Cert,- Bribes,
Pension bribe,
and sir, in 40 years, we would have got rid of the department !

Its all like getting the family to dress up to go to a wedding that is
not taking place except on the invitation card.  that is not taking place
except on the invitation card. 

I may crude, but my blood boils, images fly into my head must have even
raised my temperature. I have not spilled out many of the actuals that I
have seen happen. Its a system not only eating others but even its own
limbs and collects. 

SaiRam Sathya Kumar
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